Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Betty Davis Eyes

I so thoroughly enjoy reading everyone else's blog that I decided it is time to start my own. I hope you enjoy the glimpses into the crazy whirlwind that is the Lofgren family.

My princess just celebrated her 3rd birthday (although the big day isn't until tomorrow). One of the things I have embedded into my memory are Katie's eyes. She has her daddy's eyes and she instinctively knows how to use them. Katie is a late riser and late to bed. She enjoys her "special time" with mommy and daddy after the boys have gone to bed early. Katie will come into whatever room we are hanging out in and make an outlandish request (ie: cookies for breakfast) and then she'll tilt her head, flash a coy smile at us, and blink her eyes several times in a very diva-ish style. Where she learned this, I'll never know. But she's got the look down at the early age of 2, so God help us when she really turns on the charm at 16. She follows the look up with a "please" and a few more bats of her eyelashes...and I'm sure you can predict the outcome of the request. She truly is irresistible at times.

Katie enjoyed opening her presents for the first time this year and brought out a crazy laugh to accompany her enthusiasm. It was a joy to watch her enjoy her special day. Her eyes were filled with laughter and love; these are the moments we never want to forget.