Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthdays! Birthdays! Birthdays!!!

As you read the title, picture the TV commercial guy saying "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!"...that's how my munchkins birthdays seemed this year.  Their special days all fall relatively close together towards the end of the school year...which can make our hectic schedules seem out of control! :)  Although the time passes so very quickly, these special events make for some fantastic memories!

The kids each picked their party themes early this year and supplies were ordered...

Andy, turning 3, chose a Star Wars theme (or more accurately Darth Vader).  He was so excited to be turning 3!  He told me that next year he wants to have another jumping party and turn 3 again.

"I am this many!"

The Birthday Boy is ready to party! :)

Emma Claire on the mats

Brinley is checking out the special flooring

Hanging out...

The foam block pit was their favorite

Colton enjoying the pit

 Ethan on the balance beam

The whole gang

Blowing out the candle

Look mommy!  No hands!!! :)

The force is strong in these little ones!

  On his actual birthday, Andy wanted to go to Build-a-Bear and build a stuffy.  He chose a puppy, just like his big brother.  He loved dressing his puppy up as Darth Vader.  Then we went to dinner at Outback.  It was a great weekend!

Katie, turning 6, and insisted on a Princess theme...again! :)  While at one of Bobby's baseball games, I  heard about a great idea for a little girls birthday party this year.  (Thank you, Lisa!)  We made arrangements for the girls to go to a local JTED and get their hair/nails done.  Katie and her friends were so excited! 

The big 6 year old

Ready to be pampered! :)
Maddy getting her nails done
Still smiling...
Sophia is enjoying her special treatment
Annie loved it too!
Hair is done...now for the nails!
Once upon a time, there were 8 beautiful princesses...
MY beautiful princess
On Katie's actual birthday, she insisted requested to go to Build-a-Bear just like her brother!  She already has a stuffed animal so she helped Nini stuff a lamb.  She picked out a special dress and sparkly red shoes for her puppy.  After some birthday shopping, we went to Oregeno's for dinner.  I think Katie loved everything about her special weekend!!! :)

Talking to her stuffie on her new phone!

Bobby, turning 8, chose an Angry Birds theme.  He loves those wacky birds! :) Bobby chose to have his party at the bowling alley.  The boys had a great time!  I love that Bobby has some of the best buddies a boy could ask for!!!

Wow...8 already!

Who's ready to bowl?

Getting his bowling shoes on
The boys
Ready for some cake

Opening presents

The gang

  On Bobby's actual birthday, we headed to his favorite place for dinner.  I love that he picks the Olive Garden every year because of their delicious salad! :)  We had a great evening and Bobby had a fun day putting together his new Lego sets!  

My 3 precious munchkins...oh how I love them!
The birthday boy
Blowing out the candle

Another year has come and gone.  I can't believe how fast my babies are growing up...I am so proud of each of their accomplishments and I love how they are each uniquely different!  I love you all so much, my munchkins!!!