Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Say What???

"Mommy...I want ANOTHER party.  Is my next party
tomorrow?  I get ready for my next party? Who gonna come
to my party?  Will Hunter come to my party?  I want a 
Spiderman party!"

This is what my now 3 year old asks me EVERY SINGLE DAY.  He just doesn't understand that his birthday has come and gone.  There will not be another party in honor of him until next year.  I've been able to dodge this bullet so far by distracting him...but he gets so genuinely sad when he realizes that his party is over.  I love, love, love this boy!

I have fallen behind on my blog posts...again!  :(  I was reminded by a very dear friend today that it had been a few weeks since I had updated my blog.  I have some major life events to blog about: my sister's visit to AZ, Andy's birthday party, Andy's birthday, Bobby's baseball season, Katie's birthday party, the air show, Katie's graduation.  The list goes on and on.  Soon, Katie's birthday, her spring ballet performance, Bobby's birthday party, Bobby's birthday, and many other milestones will be added to the list.  This is a busy, busy time!  I have several blogs started, but still need to download photos and complete the writing.

An additional hurdle has been my brain.  It has not been cooperating and has been in a bit of a block.  I'm hoping that once I send my sweet batch of Kinder kiddos off to first grade in 1 1/2 days that my writer's block will disappear.  Wish me luck my friends!