Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gobble, Gobble Day 2009

Still smiling...even with a double ear infection. Poor guy!

Thanksgiving turned out to be a pretty uneventful day at the Lofgren house. I hung out with the little ones while Robby played golf. Katie "helped" me make pumpkin cookies. And by "helped", I mean she licked the beaters clean when I was done mixing the frosting. At 4:00, we headed over to my mother-in-laws. We had a picture marathon with the kids, ate dinner, played celebrity, and then headed off to bed to prepare for our Black Friday shopping extravaganza.

I'm beginning to think that we now have a Black Friday family curse on our shoulders.

Last year, after a 7 hour shopping spree, I returned home to a son that was burning up and feeling quite icky. After a quick trip to my wonderful pediatricians office, Bobby was diagnosed with pneumonia and given a prescription for heavy-duty antibiotics.

This year, I returned home to find not one but two children that were feeling under the weather. After another quick trip to Tanque Verde pediatrics, I came out out of the office feeling like I could win the Mother of the Year award hands down. My beautiful princess Katie presented with a double ear infection and was given ear drops and antibiotics. My poor little Andy had an ear infection in his left ear that has been causing his cough to hang on. He hates taking his medicine and has to be tag teamed to get it all down.

Hopefully, the medicine will mend everyone's little ears and allow things to get back to normal. (If there is any such thing as normal in this house.)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Coyote Sports Time

We completed our first marathon of team sports for Katie and Bobby today. After 8 weeks of juggling practice, game, and picture schedules, we can now proclaim that we have finished the first leg of the race!!! Bobby loved playing baseball this season and is anxiously awaiting the start of the spring season. Katie was a part of a 3 year old soccer team. It was organized chaos at its best. Many game days, Katie enjoyed being chased by boys much more than she enjoyed kicking the ball. They have both claimed their trophies and declared this season a success. Although I loved watching them, this exhausted mommy is glad that we can take a break from being on the run non-stop for the next few weeks.