Sunday, October 28, 2012

A tisket, a tasket, a very random basket

A good friend told me that a random post was better than no post at all.  :)  

Life has been busy lately...B-U-S-Y!  I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.  I know that there will be some time to slow down and smell the roses in the upcoming months as football draws to a right now I am simply enjoying being on the go with my little ones.  

 I was able to tag along on Andy's very first field trip!  We headed off to Apple Annie's to pick pumpkins on Friday.  After we dropped off the older two munchkins at school, we went to get bagels for our lunch.  This kid melts my heart!  As we were holding hands and leaving the store he asked me how my day was.  (He does this every single day.)  Then I asked him how his day was.  He told me, "Today is GREAT!  Today is so special mama.  I get to be with just you.  I love you!"  I literally started to tear up in the parking lot.  We hung out at his school for a little while and waited for the busses to arrive.  Andy did great!  He loved riding the bus and was entertained with his big brother's iPod on the trip there.  Once we got to the pumpkin patch, he insisted on picking a little green pumpkin.  We ate lunch together and then headed home.  Andy slept almost the entire way home.  We made it back just in time to pick up Bobby and Katie.

Riding a tricycle on the playground

A boy and his little green pumpkin 

Love at first sight

We've been blessed to have visits with the girls recently.  The kids have loved spending time together and have been fantastic about posing for pictures together.  I simply love sitting and watching them laugh and reminds me of much simpler and happier times.  

 Best Buds...Together At Last

Today we headed to Agua Caliente park for some family pictures with Meridy Twilling.  I took my camera along in hopes of capturing a few candid shots.  Here are the few I was able to snap while we were in-between poses:

Time seems to just fly by.  I have thousands of pictures to mark the passage of each week and month...I'd definitely run out of room on my blog if I posted all of them.  I hope you enjoyed this random basket of photos.