Saturday, July 16, 2011

Remember That Summer When...

Summer has come and gone once again. I cannot believe that the school year officially begins on Monday. I had so much fun just spending time with my little ones and enjoying THEM. We didn't "do" much over the summer, but boy did we make some great memories!

I want to be able to look back at my blog book when the kids are older and say to them, "Remember that summer when:"

Andy's favorite words were Ohh-kay, nope, and hes?

we found out the Katie has enormous tonsils that need to be removed?
(Her surgery will take place on October 6th.)

there was a big monsoon on the 4th of July and we lost power? It is a good thing we had sparklers! :)

I'm so glad that my job allows me the luxury of spending this time with my babies. The time that we get to spend together is priceless! I can't wait to take them to Disneyland over fall break!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yeah for Staycations!!!

Looking back at my previous blog posts, I realized that I have somehow failed to blog about our annual 4th of July Staycation. I don't know how this has escaped my notice until this year, especially since it holds such dear memories of when our family was whole. I am very thankful that our family was able to spend some time together this year before heading out to the resort.

My beautiful niece, Reagan

Katie and Peyton...BFF's!

We started attending the Starr Pass Resort Fourth of July in 2006. The first year we attended, it was advertised as a benefit BBQ for the local fire department. We parked out in the boonies, taking a tram up to the resort. (At the time, I had not yet purchased my first digital there weren't any family photo sessions.) The fireworks were fantastic!!! The walk back to our car through the dark was an adventure to say the least! We got smart the next year and booked a room at the hotel! :)

The view from the lobby

Thanks to Rob's parents, we have been able to book a room and stay at the resort every year since. To prepare for the weekend, everyone gets a new 4th of July outfit to wear after our day of fun. The boys all get matching shirts from Old Navy and the girls get matching accessories.

In many ways, this was Andy's first real trip to the resort. He has been so young in previous years that he hasn't been able to truly enjoy all of the fun activities the resort has to offer.
He was so excited by the stairs!

So excited we'll show each other some love!

Andy has not wanted to get into the water at all this year. Every time we go to the pool, he lingers by the edge and will sometimes go so far as to get his feet wet. On the other hand, his brother and sister would spend all day in the pool if they could! Apparently, Andy just needed to visit the Starr Pass to grow his water wings. One trip down the water slide and he was hooked!!! He became a water dare devil, insisting on going down the slide with daddy and then mommy. He jumped into the pool with no fear. It will be interesting to see how he approaches nana's pool now...

He loved the splash park!

And the water slide!

Then he discovered jumping!

Bobby flying solo!

Katie is a water fairy!

She's saying "Enough pictures mommy! Let's swim!"

Each year, we have managed to capture some wonderful family photos. These a just a few of this year's and a few from years' past:

My 4th of July Diva!

Nana, Boppa, and the munchkins

Nini, Bobby, and Katie

Our Family 2011

Our Family 2010

Our Family 2009

The Lofgren Family - 2009

I think after 6 years, we just might have our Staycation perfected! I hope this family event continues for many years to come!