Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-Night

Today was a GOOD day! My kitchen is clean, I started organizing my cabinets, the hall closet is clean, Bobby and Katie were excited about their new chore charts, and Andy laughed with me all morning! A fantastic start to my summer break!!!

May has come and gone. May was most definitely a marathon month for me. A blog-a-day, Andy's birthday party, Katie's birthday party, Bobby's birthday party, Kinder graduation, Water Day, the last day of school, Katie's spring showcase, Bobby's baseball season, a broken toe, a bladder infection...I'm sure there are a few more big events that I missed as I mentally recap this crazy month. Although life was crazy busy the past 31 days, I am so thankful that I took the time to take pictures and blog. Looking back at the last 30 posts reminded of what a great month it was!

As I complete my final "Blog a Day in May" post, I find myself humming a tune from The Sound of Mus.ic.

Regretfully they tell us Cuckoo, cuckoo
But firmly they compel us Cuckoo, cuckoo
To say goodbye . . .
. . . to you

We made it Ami and Anabelle! Despite some of the curve balls that May sent our way, we completed 31 straight days of blogging!!! There were definitely a few nights were it would have been easier t
o go straight to bed...but I new that I couldn't let my fellow blog marathoners down. Thank you for inspiring me to sit down every night and blog. With the summer months looming ahead of me and extra time on my hands, I am left to ponder the questions: "When is our next marathon? Should I start training now???"

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't Tell Daddy...Mommy is having a "Date Day"

I've made a "To Do" list for my summer vacation. First thing on the list is to relax and enjoy this precious time with my little ones.

Some of the other items on my list are to organize all of the closets in my house, organize my junk drawers, and to get rid of the clutter. For the first time ever I have also made a chore list for Bobby and Katie. We're going to have a cleaning party until the house sparkles.

I also want work on my teaching blog and try to establish an account on Teachers Pay Teachers. Who wouldn't love a little extra income?

No sleeping in for this mommy this summer! Shhh, don't tell Daddy...I have a date tomorrow! With this man!

Don't be jealous! :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tell Me What You Want...

Round 3...caption one, caption a few, or caption them all! (Just in case you didn't get a chance to comment last time, here is the link to Katie's photos. Thank you Ami for making me laugh!!!) Don't be shy!!!






Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dance of the Meadow Fairies

Katie had another BIG day today. She was in her very first ballet production. On theBIGstage...under the BIG lights...with a BIG audience. Katie performed the Dance of the Meadow Fairies in Ballet Rincon's Sping Showcase.

This was my first experience as the mommy of a dancer. Let me just say one word before going on...INTENSE! There are so many do's and dont's. Each dancer must have theater pink tights on. NOT petal pink. NO undergarments underneath the tights/costume. Each dancer must have their hair glued to their head. There is no such thing as too much product. NO visible clips or barrettes. Each dancer must have full stage make-up, to include foundation, blush, brown eye shadow, brown eye liner, and pink/red lipstick. NO fuchsia's please. No nail polish, temporary tattoos, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Costumes are to arrive wrinkle free and on a hanger. Parents must have a parent pass to accompany their dancer backstage. NO parent pass = no entry backstage. This is just the beginning of the list. INTENSE!!!

We had dress rehearsals on Thursday night at the Vail Theater of the Arts (VTOTA). Katie was so excited to have her hair done, big girl make-up applied, and dress up in her fairy costume! She had a smile on her face the entire time!!!
Waiting patiently to flit and flutter...

My little meadow fairy going backstage...

Katie woke up much earlier than usual today, excited and ready for HER special day. After running to the dance store for a new pair of tights, we began the process of getting ready for her performance. Hair, make-up, and costume...check! Katie and I headed back over to the VTOTA to allow time for touch ups to her hair and make-up.
Waiting to put her full costume on...

Ready to dance...

Making her grand entrance...

Waiting for her fairy friends to arrive...

Making her grand finale...

The meadow fairies were escorted off stage to join the audience for the rest of the show. Each class performed a dance to a special tune. Every single dancer did an outstanding job! Bobby even enjoyed watching the dancers perform, despite his reservations at the beginning of the show. :)

Yesterday was Katie's actual birthday. Our family tradition is to let the birthday celebrator choose a restaurant and go out to eat on their special day. Since I had to work backstage last night for the premier of Ballet Rincon's Swan Lake, we had to wait until today to go out. Katie doesn't have a favorite restaurant yet, so we decided to try Zinburger. (They have super yummy french fries!!!)

Enjoying a birthday root beer float!

Mommy, daddy, and the birthday girl!

Basking in some brotherly love!

We had a GRRREAT day together!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Katie-Cakes!

Dear Katie-Cakes,

Happy 5th Birthday, princess! You are so excited to turn five and celebrate your birthday this year! This year has flown by...it wasn't very long ago that I wrote this post to you. I am thankful that my picture taking obsession has documented this year in a way that my faulty memory could not.

This year:

You started ballet. You will be appearing in your very first recital on the day after your birthday. (As you told me last night, "I get to dance on a REAL stage!)

You went to your first Ringling Brothers Circus!

You got a pedicure and manicure with the girls!

You rode a horse for the very first time. You loved Buddy!

You met ALL of your "greats"!

You had big girl tea with your baby doll!

You had your first home visit!

You've learned to spell and write your name.

You discovered the joy of friendship and had your first sleepover!

You graduated from Preschool.

You've learned that the bonds of love cannot be broken. They remain strong during times of separation and grow even stronger during times of togetherness.

You have done all these things and SO much more!!! You've grown so much this year! I celebrated each milestone with you. I was there to pick you up if you fell down. I held your hand when you needed reassurance. You amazed me with your spunk, your wit, and your "youness". I fell deeper in love with you every single day!!!

Love you to the moon and back,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Born This Way

It's been 102 years since the Chicago Cubs have won a World Series.

102 years

Despite this depressing fact, Bobby is a Cub's fan. He inherits this family tradition from his father, his grandfather, and his great-grandfather (his namesake). Lady Ga.Ga's new hit "Born This Way" comes to mind as I write this post.

Once Bobby turned 5, Robby and I began taking Bobby up to Chase Field in Phoenix to watch the Cubs play the Diamondbacks. Last year we went to the TGI Friday's at the ballpark and watched batting practice from the upper deck. This year we took Bobby to the field early so that he could try to get a ball. Bobby loved watching the Cubs warm up, but unfortunately did not catch a ball this year. There's always next year... :)

The curse of the billy goat has to end one of these days. I hope my boys are able to attend a World Series game together when the Cubs are "in it to win it".
Let's go Cubbies!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Bash: Take Two

Bobby's official birthday isn't for a few more weeks (June 8th). We discovered a few years ago that his school friends can't always make it during the summer break, so we've started to have his birthday party in May.

Bobby was so excited about the jumping castle this year! He sat outside the entire time the man was here setting it up. Here he is patiently waiting for the pool to fill!

Finally! Time to slip and slide!!!

The Birthday Gang

Bobby decided this year that he would like to save up his money to buy an Ipod. He loves playing games on our Iphones and has been trying very hard to earn enough to get his very own. After a few months of saving and some very generous birthday gifts, this little boy is now a member of the Apple family!

Watch out Angry Birds!

Thank you to everyone who made Bobby and Katie's birthday bashes so special! They loved celebrating with each and every one of you!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friends, Friends, 1-2-3

Friends, Friends, 1-2-3
All my friends are here with me!
(Well, not ALL my friends, but that is how the song goes!)

Tonight, I'm relaxing and catching up with the girls.
See you tomorrow!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

THE Dream Team

Kindergarten ROCKS!!! Tonight we celebrated a BIG milestone with 100 of our little one...Kindergarten graduation. I love my job and I love the ladies that I work with! In my book, we are "THE Dream Team".

It doesn't get any better than this!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Bash: Take One

We began the tradition of an all day birthday marathon last year. Since Katie and Bobby's birthdays are close together, we decided it would be more economical to rent one jumping castle, one snow cone machine, etc. We still want Katie and Bobby to have their own special day (and our house can only fit so many people), so they each have their own party.

Katie's party was first. She got home from ballet class to find a jumping castle in the backyard. She couldn't wait to go in! We decided to try a wet jumping castle/slide this year. The kids absolutely LOVED it!!! I am sure they would of stayed and played all afternoon. I must admit it looked like fun...I was just too tired to climb inside and try it out by the end of the day!

Make a wish...

Katie had a great time and couldn't wait to open her new toys. She disappeared into her room during the first half of Bobby's party to play. I still have a few days left to enjoy my four year old...in just 5 short days, she will officially be 5.