Saturday, October 9, 2010

The grass is always greener...

Returning from our fall vacation to the mid-west, I definitely would say that the grass is greener on the other side...considering that there isn't much grass to be had in Tucson. The other side being 1000 miles east of Tucson.
First, let me say that I love my life. I love having a wonderful husband who understands and loves me on good and not so good days. I love having three beautiful, healthy children that can make me laugh and cry. I love that my children adore their grandparents and are able to create wonderful memories with them. I love the friends that I have made since moving to Arizona 8 years ago. My fabulous friends are always there to listen and have given a balance to my life, prompting me to take necessary "me time". I love my job! The people and children that I work with make me smile every day. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my life.
With that being said, I miss the mid-west. Robby and I decided to make a road trip to visit all of our family in the mid-west...and it was fantastic! We enjoyed the scenery, the weather, and the company at each of our stops. The minute we stepped out of the car at our first stop, we could smell the freshly cut grass and feel the dew settling in for the night. We immediately felt like we were home.
As we drove home on Monday, I had plenty of time in the car (28 hours) to think about the things that I would truly miss when we returned home to Arizona. As I heard strains of "These are a few of my favorite things" running through my mind, I compiled a list of what makes me homesick when I think about the mid-west.
I miss the change of seasons. I miss watching the trees transition into a new season and change their beautiful colors. The air just feels different as summer transitions to fall. You can actually feel a "crispness" in the air.
I miss the smell and feel of green grass. I was able to send the children outside to play in the yard without fears of what would happen when they inevitably tripped and fell. The soft, green grass was there to catch them when they fell. They picked themselves up and ran on to their next adventure. It brought back wonderful memories of my own childhood outdoor adventures.
I miss the family that we visited at each of our stops. The children had so much fun playing with all their cousins. In a perfect world, we could all live in the same neighborhood! (There is always the hope that someday soon I will win the lottery! LOL!!!)

I will always be a mid-western girl at heart. The grass will always look greener in these places and will keep us coming back for more. So until our next family vacation to the midwest...