Friday, October 21, 2011

My American Girl

Table for three four, please...

One of the most memorable things I have done with Katie is to take her for tea at the American Girl in Chicago. While we were visiting family last October, we found time for Chris, Katie and I to go for tea and hors d'oeuvres at American Girl Chicago. It was a wonderful experience that I hope Katie remembers for years to come.
American Girl Chicago
Katie & Bitty Twin Julie

This year, we decided to continue the tradition of having girl time on our trip to Los Angeles. We made reservations for lunch at American Girl Los Angeles...and once again were not disappointed by our experience! On our way to the store, we had our very first star sighting! Mario Lopez was interviewing Kelly was too crowded to get a good look or picture!
We headed into the store a little early so that Katie could take Lanie, her dollie, to the salon. Lanie had her hair done for our special day and even got her ears pierced! Katie was so excited to watch Lanie's make-over and loved exploring every inch of the store while we waited. Of course we had to do a little shopping too! Katie had saved up her piggy bank money for our special outing and purchased a puppy for Lanie. Nana felt that Lanie needed a new fancy outfit for lunch. Katie happily picked out a new outfit, complete with shoes and a matching hair ribbon!

Lanie gets a make-over!

They are ready for lunch!

Katie and Nana

They make any little girl feel like a princess as they greet you at the door with a special seat for your dollie. Once you are seated at the table, you are given a box of conversation cards. They cards are open ended questions about things you have done or would like to do. Katie had fun "reading" her question cards to us! During our meal, our waiter bailed on us...he headed to a room right behind our booth to cater to the needs of some special guests. Star sighting #2...Amy Brenneman (from Private Practice) was attending a birthday party and walked right by our booth! Despite this setback, we had a fabulous lunch and enjoyed our girl time!

American Girl Los Angeles
Katie and Lanie

Our waiter told Katie that if she wanted her
dessert she had to wear the daisy in her hair! :)

My American Girl

I have enjoyed both of our experiences at American Girl so much! I know that it is something I will look on with fondness for many, many years to come!!! I wonder which American Girl we will visit next? I would recommend this to anyone who has a daughter. Katie's eyes lit up with excitement the minute we walked through the door and she couldn't stop talking about it for days! I love MY American Girl to pieces!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Disneyland: Day 1 (Part Deux)

After lunch on Day 1, we split up. Andy was ready for some time at Goofy's House and an afternoon nap. Katie was ready to meet some princesses. (Bobby was ready to do anything that did not involve princesses! :)) So, Andy stayed in Toon Town with Nana & Boppa, I took Katie over to the Princess Fantasy Faire, and Robby took Bobby over to the Matterhorn.

Getting ready to go through the Princess Fantasy Faire
Belle and Katie
Cinderella & my princess
Princess Tiana & Katie
(Once Katie saw that Tiana was there, she could hardly contain
her excitement. She almost walked past Cinderella in her hurry
to go meet her favorite princess!)

We checked in with Nana & Boppa, however Andy was still sound asleep in the stroller. We decided to stay in Toon Town and drop by Minnie's House.

Then we strolled over the Mickey's house...

We ran into Goofy on our way back to Andy...

Andy was awake now and we were close to It's a Small World. So, we hopped on a boat and sailed around the world! Katie wanted to meet the fairies before we rode anything else. So it was off to Pixie Hollow...
Katie & Rosetta

Viola, Tink, and KatieCakes

We headed back to Fantasyland to ride the teacups and some of the other family rides.
Again, again, again!!!

The Casey Jr. Circus Train
(We were seated in the Monkey cage!)

We wrapped up our day with the Mickey's Soundsational Parade. Katie LOVED the parade. We were seated on the corner, so she could see each new float as it made it's way toward us. She greeted each character that went by...shouting their names in excitement!!!
Katie & Nana

Boppa with the boys

Andy & Daddy

After a full day, we went back to the hotel and fell into bed. We were all tired, but the kids were already talking about what they wanted to do the next day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disneyland: Day 1

We set off for Disneyland on the first week of break this year. Bobby and Katie were super excited to be returning after their first visit in 2009. They were only 3 and 5 in 2009 and don't remember much of that visit. Robby and I were excited about being able to take them on some of the "big kid" rides this time around. From the moment we walked through the gates we were on the go!
Andy was all about the shades and the elevator buttons!

Disneyland here we come!

First morning in the park

Our very first ride!

Waiting in line for Space Mountain

Innoventions Complex
Everyone had fun playing with all
the techno gadgets!!!

A quick stop off at Rapunzel's cottage...
check out Flynn's smolder! ;)

Chilling at Goofy's house!

Time for a little lunch and a nap! Day 1 1/2 tomorrow!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Shout Out!

Fall Mondays equal Monday Night Football. Tonight, the Bears are playing the Lions. My boys will be glued to the television until the game is over. Go Bears!!! (Mommy is sneaking out for dinner with some of my favorite girls!)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Andy's favorite lullaby these days is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. We sit together in the rocking chair before he goes to his crib. The room is completely dark and we sing. Sometimes Andy asks me to sing softly. Sometimes he asks me to sing loud. Sometimes he gently rubs my arm with his little hands and he sings with me. This is one of my favorite times of the day...Katie patiently waits in her room during this time and Bobby has already been tucked in. This time is just for Andy and I. I love to sit and enjoy the smell of his hair, the sweet sound of his voice, and the gentle touch of his hands. These are the moments that make all the "craziness" of the day melt away. These are the moments when my heart grows more than I ever thought possible. These are the moments I want to remember when my munchkins aren't so little anymore. For now, I am going to soak these moments up and enjoy every precious second of our lullaby time.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tough Love

Today has been a hard day. It was definitely the morphine talking on Thursday. Katie has been refusing to take any of her oral pain she is in pain. She has absolutely no energy. She wants to get up and do things, but tuckers out very quickly. (Which if you know our Katie, you know that she is usually the Energizer Bunny. Going....going....going....) She hasn't eaten hardly anything yesterday or today. The follow-up paperwork from the doctor says that this is okay. The important thing to focus on is keeping her hydrated. Thankfully, she is drinking her ice water. It breaks my heart to have to try to give her tough love and make her take her medicine. She cries the minute we mention it and says "I love you. I don't want to take any medicine. I just love you." It just breaks my heart to see my little princess hurting. I know that this too will pass. She is such a tough little cookie...

I can't wait to see this smile again!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

F is for Family Fun!

The year that Andy was born, we decided we would start taking a family vacation every October during the fall break. The first year we went to Disneyland. Last year we traveled to the Midwest to visit family. This year we headed back to Disneyland with Nana and Boppa. I can't wait to see what vacations we'll take over the next 16 years...I will probably have to remind my little munchkins as they get older that F is for Family Fun!!! :)

Family Vacation #1

Family Vacation #2

Family Vacation #3