Thursday, October 6, 2011

Her name shall be Ginormica!

If Katie were to become a superhero, I would have to give her the name Ginormica. I knew my daughter's tonsils were out of control when a doctor looked into her throat and said, "Wow! You can't miss those!!!"

Today, Katie went to the Carondelet Foothills Surgery Center for a scheduled Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. She had nerves of steel during check-in and pre-op. The only part that bothered her was the taste of the oral sedation they gave her in pre-op. She hated the taste of the medicine and couldn't even have a sip of water to wash it down with. :(

Checking in for her surgery

Being a big girl and signing her name on a form!

We sat together in pre-op for about 20 minutes, waiting for the sedation to kick in. The nurse gave Katie a coloring book to occupy her in the bed while we waited. It was cute to watch the sedation take effect. Katie started to sway occasionally and you could see the medicine take over by the way her eyes began to glaze over. We had a few laughs during this time! :)


Changed into a lovely gown and waiting
for the medicine to do its magic!

Are we having fun yet???

Then the anesthesiologist and OR nurse came over to our stall to explain the anesthesia process. After they were done, they wheeled Katie off to the operating room. She was very brave and the nurse said she did great!

Her first IV

Just waking up...she kept saying she just
wanted to go home.

Daddy carrying her and kitty to the car

Katie was happy to be home. She laid down for a few minutes, but was ready to open her "Get Well" gifts from Nana. She said she was hungry and ate 3 mini pancakes for lunch. After she played with her brother for a little while, we insisted she rest. She went right to sleep and took a 2 hour nap. She has continued to eat all afternoon, insisting she doesn't need to be on a restricted diet. Her throat DOESN'T hurt! I think that is the morphine talking...we'll have to wait and see how she feels tomorrow.

Nini came to visit after work

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers today. I am off to watch Beauty and the Beast with Katie. We are going to snuggle on the couch together. Goodnight!


  1. so glad it went well! she is such a brave girl (and mommy).

  2. She's so cute!! So glad everything went well! And I love that she signed her name on her form! :)

  3. I am sure you are relieved that it is over and done with! Such a brave girl. oxox

  4. Ooohhhhh...I want to just hug her SOO bad! Especially after seeing the "wake up picture"...poor sweet baby.
    Love the med pix...she was a happy girl. Thank you for posting this wonderful story. Made me feel like I was a part of it.

    I love you all so much...

  5. So glad all went well and Katie did so well! What a trooper she is and thank you Jen for sharing the story! Love all of you!!!! Aunt Candy