Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Disneyland: Day 1 (Part Deux)

After lunch on Day 1, we split up. Andy was ready for some time at Goofy's House and an afternoon nap. Katie was ready to meet some princesses. (Bobby was ready to do anything that did not involve princesses! :)) So, Andy stayed in Toon Town with Nana & Boppa, I took Katie over to the Princess Fantasy Faire, and Robby took Bobby over to the Matterhorn.

Getting ready to go through the Princess Fantasy Faire
Belle and Katie
Cinderella & my princess
Princess Tiana & Katie
(Once Katie saw that Tiana was there, she could hardly contain
her excitement. She almost walked past Cinderella in her hurry
to go meet her favorite princess!)

We checked in with Nana & Boppa, however Andy was still sound asleep in the stroller. We decided to stay in Toon Town and drop by Minnie's House.

Then we strolled over the Mickey's house...

We ran into Goofy on our way back to Andy...

Andy was awake now and we were close to It's a Small World. So, we hopped on a boat and sailed around the world! Katie wanted to meet the fairies before we rode anything else. So it was off to Pixie Hollow...
Katie & Rosetta

Viola, Tink, and KatieCakes

We headed back to Fantasyland to ride the teacups and some of the other family rides.
Again, again, again!!!

The Casey Jr. Circus Train
(We were seated in the Monkey cage!)

We wrapped up our day with the Mickey's Soundsational Parade. Katie LOVED the parade. We were seated on the corner, so she could see each new float as it made it's way toward us. She greeted each character that went by...shouting their names in excitement!!!
Katie & Nana

Boppa with the boys

Andy & Daddy

After a full day, we went back to the hotel and fell into bed. We were all tired, but the kids were already talking about what they wanted to do the next day!

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