Saturday, October 1, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Are You Ready For Some Football?
Flag football that is!!!

Bobby started playing football this year. Since this is his first year, he started off in the flag division. He is a member of the Vail Vikings Flag Gold team. He absolutely loves it!!!

Bobby plays on both the offensive and defensive lines this year. He is the center on the offensive line, crossing over as a receiver when needed. On the defensive line he plays a hybrid linebacker position. He's even got to punt the ball once! He is learning the rules for the game and cannot wait to play tackle football next year!

Robby was able to pick his jersey number and he picked number 51 after the great Dick Butkus. Robby tries not to choke on the word "Vikings" and even wears his Viking shirt to each game. We each got a t-shirt made with Bobby's name & number on it. We wear them proudly to each game, despite how much it hurts! :)

His first game

Team Captain for a day

At his offensive position

Punting for the first time

Robby marking the line of scrimmage and
tracking the downs...

Andy is helping to measure for a first down!

Bobby's personal cheerleader

That's all for tonight folks! I'm going to try to do a blog-a-day in October. There is so much to blog about since I've been a slacker the past few weeks...upcoming blogs will include pictures from our trip to Disneyland, lunch at American Girl Los Angeles, Katie's tonsillectomy, and much more!!! Stay tuned...


  1. Yeah for blog a day! My favorite thing to do is read blogs while nursing :) great pictures! Glad bobby is enjoying football...

  2. Yay for a blog a day! you can do it!! I miss the days of flag football and supporting whatever team our kids were on no matter how hard the name was to swallow! Lol