Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laughter IS the best medicine!

One of the greatest things about our kids right now are the innocent things that they say. They look at you with the most serious look on their face and tell you their inner-most thoughts...which more often than not make me tear up with their heartfelt honesty or have me laughing hysterically! Here are just a few of the gems that surfaced while we were on vacation...


Bobby wanted to know where he was going to sleep at the hotel. We had told him that he would take turns sleeping with mommy and daddy.
Nana said to Bobby, "Boppa will be sad if no-one sleeps with him."
Bobby: "I don't want to sleep with Boppa. He sleeps in his underwear."
Nana: "Doesn't your daddy sleep in his underwear?"
Bobby: "Yes, but Boppa is furry!"

As we returned to the hotel after a fun-filled day at Disneyland...

Me: We're here!
Andy: We're here! We're here! Home sweet home! I love my white crib!


Andy has started to announce when he needs to poop. He'll announce, "I'm pooping!". (Since he appears to be ready, we will be beginning the potty training this week.) After one such event at the hotel while I was changing his diaper:

Me: Wow, Andy! That stinks!
Me: LOL!!!


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  1. Love the words from kids mouths. And great that you are writing these down so you have record of them : )