Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Three Ring Circus

Last weekend my mother-in-law called and asked if we would be interested in taking the kids to the circus. So, I of course I said "Why not?" and we purchased tickets. It has been YEARS since I went to the circus, but I was looking forward to sharing this experience for the first time with my own little ones.

On Saturday (7/3/10) we headed off to the TCC to watch the greatest show on earth. Katie was the most excited about the event. When we arrived she was all smiles. At intermission, she asked if it was time to go home yet. During the 2nd half of the show, she took a nice little nap. Despite her exhaustion, she enjoyed the show and has decided that some day she's going to be in the circus.

Andy didn't care much for the circus. He found the stairs to be very stimulating...

Bobby watched the show from beginning to end. He enjoyed the pirate act the best and was disappointed that I would not purchase a $20 plastic sword for him.

I enjoyed going back to the days of my childhood. Not much has changed about the circus; there are the tight-rope walkers, the strong man, the trapeze artists, and numerous other acts. I was impressed by the caged motorcycle act...I don't remember seeing that one before. The tickets were very reasonably priced. The novelties and refreshments were highway robbery! Bobby ordered a cotton candy before Robby could intervene. That's $12 we'll never get back...the upside is it came with a free paper hat! We left with Bobby asking if we could go again soon...and us promising to take him back next year!

Katie and Nini pre-show

The Boys

Katie and Nana enjoying the $12 cotton candy hat!


  1. Well, my brother looks like he was completely enjoying the show...and the hat on Chris is outstanding! Absolutely her style. Looks like everyone had a good time. Your pictures are so cute! Haley hated the circus...she is scared to death of clowns...even to this day! Love your blogs Jen - keep them up!

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