Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giants in the Outfield

The baseball season has officially begun! Baseball is one of the favorites in our house and my boys look forward to the start of every season. We register Bobby for baseball with Rincon Little League. We buy our annual tickets to a Cubs vs. Diamondbacks game. (This year, we also had to order a Cubs foam finger for Bobby to wear to the game.) Then, we sit back and enjoy the F-U-N that comes with a new season!

2012 A-Ball Giants

My little Giant

The best of buds!!!

In the field...

Up to bat...

First hit of the season...Bobby was the lead-off hitter! :)

Getting ready to score the first run of the season!

This photo is one of my favorites! I caught
him pretending to catch fly balls...look at the utter
concentration on his face. There really isn't
a ball in play yet! LOL!!!

Game 2: Bobby's first (inside-the-park) homerun!

Touching home plate to make it official!

Bonding time!

I love watching the excitement on Bobby's face before each game! He wants to get his uniform on hours before the game and double checks with us to make sure he won't be late. He's such a sweetie! I am so thankful that I get to be a participate in each season with him.
Play ball!

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  1. yay for baseball season and all the fun that comes with it!! great pics!!