Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Silent Night

I feel like I could re-write the lyrics to the 12 Days of Christmas tonight. My song would end with 4 infected ears, 3 new prescriptions of antibiotics, 2 sick babies, and a dead car in the driveway. After battling a storm of illnesses and what I call life, the house is once again peaceful and quiet.

Andy has been fighting an ear infection. Although he was on antibiotics, they were not working. After countless trips to the doctor, 3 shots of antibiotics, and a new prescription, Andy appears to be on the mend. He is currently sleeping peacefully in his crib and appears to be out for the night. We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed that we have an uneventful night.

Hopefully Santa's elves will sneak in while I am sleeping and help finish the Christmas decorating. Wouldn't that be nice?

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