Monday, May 3, 2010

And on that farm he had an Andy...

Andy's first birthday has come and gone. We went to dinner with the family on his birthday. We had fun spending the evening together. After dinner, we went to Target to pick out presents for his birthday.
"Good morning, Mommy!"

Celebrating at Claim Jumpers

We celebrated his first birthday at the local park with friends and family. The theme for his birthday party was Old MacDonald's Farm. Guests at the party made farm photo frames and decorated balloons with farm animal faces. Andy had a great time celebrating with his friends. Here are just a few photos from the big day:
The birthday boy getting ready for his big day

Andy is checking to make sure Colton is awake :)

Dawn and Ethan ("This little piggy sure tastes good!")

Mary and Colton ("Yummy! Who knew that foam paper could taste so good?")

Andy and the Bunchkins

When it came time to eat cake, Andy decided to eat like one of the farm animals. He went for the hands free method, which was quite fun to watch! (Honestly, he's never done this before!!!) Here is a short video of Andy digging into the cake.

Andy loves all of his new things! He is strolling around the house in his new pj's pushing himself on his fabulous walker. Thank you to everyone who helped make his birthday so special!!!

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