Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Andy!

Dear Andy,

Happy Birthday, little man! You are officially one year old today. As I sit down to write this post, I cannot believe that an entire year has gone by already.

I can remember the events preceding your arrival like it was yesterday. The lovely man in line for Santastic who told me to lose some weight. (I can still recall the horrified look on his wife's face when I said "I'm not fat. I'm pregnant.") My wonderful 2nd grade class throwing a surprise baby shower and presenting me with your precious baby book. Chris and I shopping for take-home outfits; at this point, we did not know if we would be welcoming Emelia Anne or Andrew Scott into the world. Daddy and I purchasing 2 car seats (due to my OCD) - pink for a girl, blue for a boy. Bobby and Katie insisting repeatedly that they both wanted a baby brudder...although they had been reminded repeatedly that we get what God gives us.
Katie practicing for when "her baby" arrives.

We dropped off your brother and sister as we headed off the hospital early on the morning of April 29th. You were being induced, just like your brother and sister. I got hooked up to an IV and the nurse started the pitocin. The day began to tick by. Nana, Granny, and Nini hung out with us for most of the day. Auntie Missa joined the party after school got out. I checked in regularly with Apryl so that she could give my 2nd graders updates. You were taking your time, so much to the disappointment of my class you did not arrive before 2:05 p.m. (Ally told Apryl to tell me I just needed to push harder.)

Around 4:00, it was time. Everyone who had spent the day with us at the hospital stayed in the room for the delivery. Dr. Chen arrived in the delivery room, a few pushes, and then we heard the news "It's a boy!". You were finally here...

After being introduced to all of the adults, your brother and sister arrived to meet you. Bobby and Katie fell in love with you at first sight too. You have a fierce protector and lifelong playmate in your older brother, Bobby. Your sister, Katie, will be your voice until you can talk and a mommy when I'm not around...she is constantly checking up on you to make sure that you are okay and that you have everything you need. Your cousin Peyton was there to join in on the fun as well. We had to spend the evening in the hospital, but we were allowed to go home the next afternoon after you had been checked out by the pediatrician.
Taking Andy home from the hospital

Bringing Andy home for the first time

You have had an eventful first year. You met Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny for the first time. You participated in your first annual outing to Apple Annie's. You visited Disneyland for the first time and rode your first ride. You made new friends and attended your very first birthday party. You said good-bye to Auntie Missa. You got your first tooth as your big brother lost his first tooth. (You have added 4 more teeth in the past few months, bringing your grand total to 5 pearly whites!)

You have brought a completeness to our family that we didn't know we were missing until you arrived. Your unconditional love, contagious laughter, and adventurous demeanor are a blessing to all who know and love you. I love our morning "mommy and me" time; you greet me with a smile when I open your door, we cuddle and talk until your brother wakes up, and you are all loves in the morning.

I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring. You are destined for great things, little man! Always remember the we love you, until the end of time.



  1. Jennifer,

    That was so wonderful! What lucky kiddo's Bobby, Katie and Andy are to have you as their mommy. Enjoy his 1st birthday and many more to come!

  2. Sniff...sniff...thanks for the tears! That was a sweet letter..Happy Birthday Andy!

  3. Have a blessed birthday, my sweet boy. Granny and Grandpa love you and wish you all the wonder you deserve!
    What a beautiful letter, Jenn...sniff, sniff :-)