Sunday, April 18, 2010

Savvy Shopper

Andy will soon be one. One of the things that he enjoys doing these days is going shopping at the grocery store and sitting all by himself in the front of the cart. After he gets strapped in, he grabs the bar like he is getting ready to race and rocks back and forth. It is too cute!

Andy also likes playing grocery store at home in his big sister's kitchen. He loves pushing the shopping cart around and finding treasures inside. It is so much fun to watch him explore and revel in how unique his personality is.
Hmm...what do I need today?

I think I need some sprinkles! That's the stuff!!!

Welcome to Andy's Place! Giggles and kisses are free!


  1. That is way too cute!! He's a kid after my own heart! A grocery shopping afficionado! I love it! If Jaxon and Katie decide to pursue one another, I think Andy will turn out to be a fantastic son-in-law someday!

  2. I cannot believe how much he is changing! Hey Andy, buy some avacados for you all so much!