Thursday, April 1, 2010

Soccer 101

I realized as I was reading some of my friend's recent posts that it has been a while since I've posted. Once again, I'm left to ponder the question "Where does the time go?". One week blurs into the next and before I know it it has been 3 WEEKS since I last updated my blog.

So as I sit in the car with the baby waiting for Bobby to finish his soccer practice I figure there is no time like the present...

Let me rewind for a moment. When Bobby was 3, we enrolled him in T-ball with the hopes that it would give him a chance to be a part of a team and learn the basics of baseball. Great thought, right? NOT! Bobby hated it!!! He was still very hesitant at that age about "exploring" on his own; so when game time came, he naturally wanted me to run the bases with him. His father was less than thrilled by this development. We decided at the end of the season it would be best to give it another year or so before trying again.

Notice the look on his face...

This fall, we asked Bobby what sport he wanted to play and he chose baseball. He was much more excited about the whole process this time around. He couldn't wait to buy his equipment, go to practice, and play the games. He had so much fun this season! Bobby played all of the positions, got a few really nice hits (even though you can only run 1 base per hit), and caught a few balls. At the end of the season he was already asking when he could play again.
We decided to wait until spring to let him play again for a variety of reasons (weather, money, time, etc...). When registration time rolled around, Bobby decided that he would rather play soccer than baseball this season. He has a few kindergarten friends that play soccer and wanted to be on the same team as them. With that thought in mind, we registered him for soccer and listed his kinder friends name on the registration form. After being assured that most requests were honored, team meeting day arrived and Bobby was assigned to a team. (We would learn in the next few weeks that it was not the same team as his kindergarten buddy. Oh well, maybe next season. Right?)
Bobby is thoroughly enjoying his season! He has a fantastic coach, loves kicking the ball, and is getting plenty of exercise by chasing after the ball. He had his first game on March 27th and dove right in. It was so fun to stand on the side line and cheer him on. These are the days I am able to sit back and just be a mom. The joy on his face as he played the game with his team makes all of the days of juggling work, school, practice, homework, dinner, laundry, bath and bedtime worth it. I can't wait till next week! Go Tigers!!!

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