Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Holiday Traditions: Breakfast with Santa

If you follow my blog, you know that our lives have changed drastically over the last 18 months. Each season seems to bring a new change since Melissa passed away; all of the changes have left gaps in our family traditions. We have come to a fork in the road as we face the holidays without Melissa and her girls for the first time. Do we hold onto family traditions that began 6 years ago when the first grandchild joined the family or do we create new traditions?

We made a decision as Christmas was time for new family traditions. So, the first new tradition that we began this year is an outing to Rancho Del Lago for breakfast with Santa.
The gorgeous view from the patio

Hacienda Del Lago

Chris, Courtney, Bobby, Katie, Andy and I headed out to the Hacienda Del Lago for breakfast on Saturday morning. The children began the breakfast with hot cocoa in keepsake mugs and deconstructed snowmen (aka: marshmellows). cocoa...

After going through the buffet line, we all sat down to enjoy our breakfast and make our letters to Santa. The restaurant staff had prepared a few activities on the patio for the kids. They each got to make a foam Christmas tree and decorate a sugar cookie. Then Santa made his appearance! He walked around the tables and said hello to the kids. Bobby and Katie were excited to see Santa and couldn't wait to give them their letters. Andy didn't mind handing his letter to Santa, but he didn't want to get too close.

Pictures with Santa

We all had a wonderful time and will definitely be adding this to our new list of Christmas traditions!

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  1. Jen, this looks like such a fun tradition...wishing you all peace and happiness this holiday season. :)