Friday, December 17, 2010


Last week, my dear friend Charlotte told me I had to watch "The Sing-Off" on NBC. Since we are both Gleek's, she knew I would probably enjoy it. I DVR'd it and just had a chance to sit down and watch it. Please don't laugh at me when I tell you that I cried when one of the groups sang Landslide. As one of the groups sang these lyrics, I began to cry.

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
And can I sail through the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life?

On Monday, the day started out with a positive tone; we were expecting to read Dave's blog update to find out how Kim's day was. The day ended with the ground crumbling beneath our feet. Kim Conca lost her fight against cancer. Although I did not have the opportunity to get to know Kim, I can still recall the few times that I spoke with her. She was a beautiful, graceful angel sent to this earth. She had the special ability of making people feel special just by being with them. Each person that has reflected on their relationship with Kim said the same thing about her...her smile and laughter were contagious. She lit up the room. She was the embodiment of love and hope. Everyone admired and respected her.

Angels come in many forms,
from helpful animals to
mysterious strangers, from
glorious heavenly angels to
earth angels, those human
beings who generously assist

My heart breaks for the Conca family. There are no words that can heal their pain. Kim is in a better place now. She is no longer suffering or in pain. I am confident that she is watching over her family and will be with them always.

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