Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

My children are blessed. One of the things that I wanted more than anything when Robby and I began to plan for a family was a close extended family. He grew up with tons of cousins to play & conspire with. I grew up spending weekends and summers at my grandparents house sliding down the stairs, raiding the Avon closet, and walking to the neighborhood park/pool. These memories still have the ability to make us smile and laugh. We both wanted our own children to have these close relationships and cherished memories that we had been blessed with in our younger years.
If you had asked me two years ago, I would have told you that life was almost perfect. Our third, and final, little one was on his way. Auntie Missa was also expecting her 2nd little one. Bobby and Katie got to play and grow with their cousin,Peyton, daily. Katie and Peyton did everything together. They discovered baby dolls together. They had sleepovers together. They took baths together. They started pre-school together. The laughed, played, cried, argued, but most importantly loved together. They were so close sometimes they acted more like siblings than cousins. Every weekend, the Lofgren family would get together for a family dinner and share our lives.
Fate stepped in on August 6, 2009 and forever changed the dynamics of our family. We don't get to see Peyton and Reagan anymore. Bobby, Katie and Andy don't get to play with their cousins. They don't get to talk with their cousins. They don't get to share secrets with their cousins. They don't get to laugh and discover with their cousins. Robby and I can do nothing to fill this aching gap in our family. We can only hope that God and a judge will restore that which has been lost.

My children are blessed! They have 5 GREAT grandparents in their lives...yes, I said 5! They finally got to meet all of their great grandparents this October when we visited family in the mid-west. Great-grandpa Miller made them homemade banana ice cream. Great-grandma Joy took them to Walker Brothers for breakfast and sent them each a gift thanking them for their visit. Great-grandpa and grandma Goldsmith live in Green Valley. They absolutely loved meeting each of their great's and can't wait for a return trip to the mid-west.

Great-Grandpa and Grandma Miller

Great-Grandma Joy

My parents, Granny and Grandpa, moved to Kansas a few years ago. Due to the distance and a lack of funds, we don't get to see each other as often as we would like to. That doesn't stop anyone from cramming as much fun, laughter, and love into the visits we do have. Bobby and Katie love when Granny and Grandpa come to town! They tickle fight, sword fight, and play games until Granny or Grandpa are worn out. Then Granny shows me how to sew or cook something new; things that someday I hope to pass on to my own children. I'm so thankful that we have these special times together and look forward to future visits.
Tickle time with grandpa

Granny and Grandpa

Rob's parents, Nana and Boppa, live about 20 minutes away in NE Tucson. Bobby, Katie and Andy get to see Nana almost every day. She takes Bobby and Katie to school 3 days a week and watches Katie and Andy 5 days a week. Since economic times make it impossible for me to stay at home with my little ones, I get the next best thing...a grandmother who loves them every bit as much as I do. Nana spoils them rotten, but I guess that is what a grandma is for. (When
Bobby knocked Katie's teeth loose a few weeks ago, he told Katie not to worry because Nana would take her to Toys R Us if she lost a tooth. The voice of wisdom!) Boppa also helps take care of Andy and Katie on the days that he is home from work. Andy loves napping and chillin'
with Boppa. When they are not providing care for the children, they are planning special evenings and events for them. They have sleepovers, take them to Disney productions, go to the circus, the park, etc. Every year, we go to Apple Annie's in the fall. We spend every holiday together. We eat dinner together at least once a week. We go out for dinner for birthdays. They are such an important part of my children's development and I am thankful that they are able to spend so much quality time together. Bobby wrote this note to his Boppa on Thanksgiving:

Boppa is the best Grampa evr.
I love boppa.
Boppa is nise.
Boppa plays with me.
Boppa wochis moovese.
From: Bobby

Apple Annie's 2010

American Girl with Nana

Disney on Ice

My children are blessed! While I may long for the seasons of the mid-west, my children's hearts are here. Home is where the heart is!!!


  1. Well written Jen! Your family looks like such nice people! :) And good job on your 30 days of blogs! Woo hoo!!

  2. Jen, I love how you are always positive!!! I started to tear up when I was reading about the kids and their cousins. We still pray for you that they will find their way back to your loving family, You are truly blessed: )