Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cheese Gone Bad!

I like to try to get Christmas photos and cards out of the way long before the holiday rush begins. Robby and I picked out outfits for the children back in September. I'm one of those OCD moms who loves to coordinate her children's outfits. I don't know what I will do when they outgrow Gymboree. We had the clothes, we had the picture date, we got up early to get spruced now all that was left was to show up and smile, right? WRONG!
Say what?!? I have to take pictures today?

Andy was not in a picture taking mood today. We arrived at the mall 10 minutes before our scheduled appointment ready to go. Andy wanted to walk around, so we took turns following him in and out of the store. The young photographer told us it was out turn and we all moved to the back room. We got situated and then she said, "Let's try a photo with everyone standing first. Mom and dad in the back facing each other. Kids in the front facing each other. Little one in the front by himself." Lets just say that did not work out. Every time we'd place Andy in front of his brother and sister, he'd run off. We tried this at least 6 times...and then he began to scream every time we'd pick him up and try to hold him for the photo. After several attempts to calm him down, we called it quits for today and re-scheduled.

The minute we walked out of Picture People the tears stopped...go figure! :)

Since our Christmas family photo had been a bust, we came home and decorated the house for the holidays. Threw a Garth Christmas CD and sprayed some cinnamon air's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Christmas tree up and decorated...check!
Andy hanging his very first ornament on the tree

Bobby's new favorite lights up and Darth and Luke talk!

Katie having fun putting her own ornaments on the tree. Her favorites this year...the evil queens from Disney!

Icicle lights hanging and programmed on a timer...check!

Countdown to Christmas angel hung on the wall...check!

Christmas photos finished and cards ordered...uncheck!

What's an OCD mom to do??? Smile and keep swimming! These moments remind me that I am not really in control! LOL! I can only hope next week's photo session is a success. ALL hints and helpful advice for getting a 19 month old to participate in the family photo session will be greatly appreciated!

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