Sunday, January 16, 2011

K-A-T-I-E middle child. She is the easy-going, generous, people pleaser. She often does her own thing and enjoys laying low. Katie also loves when I have my friends over, as she can hang out with us and be "one of the girls". I love that she is discovering her own talents and can hold her own with her older brother. I also love that she has become a second mother to her little brother...when she isn't bossing him around! :)
She likes to do everything on her own schedule, including learning the basic skills she will need for kindergarten. She has picked up on some of the skills all by herself. She can count to 15, knows all of her colors and shapes, has one-to-one correspondence down, and loves to make patterns. Robby and I have often despaired over Katie's lack of interest in learning the names/sounds of the letters and writing her name. Thankfully, she is finally starting to show an interest in learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. She loves going on to Starfall at night once her brothers go to sleep. She will come out of her room, sit on one of our laps, and ask if she can do the letters.

Katie has delighted in the praise that we are giving her as she acquires these essential skills. We have been focusing on the letters in her name as a starting point. Today, while we were cleaning up a mess that Andy made with the alphabet blocks I challenged Katie to find the letters in her name. Here is a picture of her finished task:

She carefully selected each letter and said, "K-A-T-I-E...Katie!"


  1. Yay Jen......i am looking forward to new blog posts from you. Yay Katie for getting excited about learning!!

  2. Such a smart girl...she must have a kindergarten teacher for a mommy! I love that she's a girlie girl!