Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Wiggly, Jiggly Loose Tooth

One of the many great things about being a Kindergarten teacher is that there is a song for EVERYTHING. Want to learn the letters of the alphabet and their sounds...there is a song for that. Need to know the days of the week or the months of the year...yep, we have a song for that. Lost a tooth and want to celebrate...we have a song for that too!

On Thursday, while I was stuck at school completing a marathon work day, I received a text from my daughter. It said, "Mommy, Please call me. I want to tell you something. Love, Katie." As soon as I had a free moment, I called to check in. Katie was so excited to tell me that nana had been checking her wiggly, jiggly loose tooth and she had a loose tooth. (What she meant to say was that she had lost her first tooth!) I couldn't wait to get home and see my princess's new smile!!!

We sang the loose tooth song together and then I tucked her in to await her very first visit from the Tooth Fairy.

The loose tooth song goes like this:
"I have a loose tooth.
A wiggly, jiggly, loose tooth.
I have a loose tooth hanging by a thread.
So I pull my loose tooth!
My wiggly, jiggly, loose tooth.
Slip it under my pillow...
And then I go to bed.
The fairy took my loose tooth.
My wiggly, jiggly, loose tooth.
Now I have a quarter and a hole in my head!"

Sweet dreams, princess! I hope the Tooth Fairy brings you lots of money!!!


  1. How adorable is she on her pillow : ) She looks so happy about that tooth!

  2. She was so cute showing us her toothless grin at school! What a fun milestone that is! She sure is a cutie!

  3. Ooh... by any chance, is she waiting for the tooth fairy? She looks so cute, both when she was grinning and when she was sleeping. Oh, and the song also sounds nice.

    -Elizabeth Cull

  4. Awwww, look at how adorable she is, showing off her missing tooth!!!

    I love the song...I'll have to remember that!

    BTW, hope you had a happy anniversary too!!!

  5. Cudos to you Mom! I admire the love you have for your family. I too am a Mother of 3. Your selection of song for this page is perfect. Please tell me, the artist & title.