Saturday, February 20, 2010

Three Little Leprechauns

I can't believe how quickly time goes by. I know it sounds cliche', but it feels like yesterday that we were waiting at the hospital to welcome our newest member of the family. We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little one and wondering if we would be meeting Andrew Scott or Emilia Anne.

Andrew Scott made his arrival on April 29, 2009. (He arrived after the end of the school day, much to the disappointment of my 2nd grade students. According to one of my little girls, I just needed to push harder. LOL!) Time has flown by and Andy will soon celebrate his one year birthday. We visited Babies R Us last night to get him a big boy car seat. He has outgrown his carrier and needed some leg room. My little man has gotten so big, so fast. Where does the time go?

So last night there was a cute display of St. Patrick's Day attire right next to the check out. On top of the display was a stack of adorable leprechaun hats. Since I never leave home without my camera anymore, I couldn't resist the urge to torture my children for just a moment. I hope you enjoy my little leprechauns as much as I do! :)

Laughing leprechaun Andy

Lady Luck Katie

Lucky Duck Bobby

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  1. Yes, we are in need of the carseats too! They are definitely the cutest little leprechauns! Thanks for indulging me in TWO new blogs!!